Olaines novada pašvaldība

Work was carried out to renovate the heating system, including the replacement of main pipes in the basement and vertical risers. The water supply and storm drainage systems have been improved, and sewer pipes have been replaced. As a result of the renovation of the heating system, the heat supply of Olaine municipality is more energy efficient.

SIA “Ozolnieku KSDU”

The successful integration of a small boiler into the central heating system, which works in conjunction with the large boiler to provide efficient and reliable heat supply, has been achieved. This has improved the overall performance of the system and reduced energy costs. Now both boilers work synchronously, allowing for load distribution and providing stable heating temperatures in different weather conditions.

Bērnu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca

In the construction of the new building for the Children's Clinical University Hospital, all necessary work on water supply, heating, rain water drainage, and installation of sewer pipes is planned. At this stage, all rain water pipes and sewer pipes have been raised, work on installing underfloor heating on the first floor and basement has been completed. All vertical risers have been raised, and work on connecting the boiler room is mostly completed.

Valdlauči – Katlu mājas apsaistes darbi

We begin work on piping the new boiler room from the beginning. To achieve this, underground work will be carried out to lay pipes to the general heating system and weld pipes, which will ensure reliable and safe operation of the heating system. All work will be carried out using modern technologies and materials, which will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining thermal systems.

Rīgas Austrumu klīniskās universitātes slimnīca

Rīgas Austrumu klīniskās universitātes slimnīcas stacionāra “Gaiļezers”, ēkas modernizācijas ietvaros, tiek veikti nozīmīgi darbi modernas apkures sistēmas izveidē. Stacionāra 10.korpusā ir pabeigta glikola dzesēšanas sistēmas uzstādīšana un tādu pašu sistēmu uzstādīsim 9.korpusā, kurā jau ir pacelti vertikālie stāvvadi un sākti apkures katla uzstādīšanas darbi.

Decoupling the glycol system in buildings nine and ten is one of the most important stages of installing utility systems. This system is used to cool and heat air in rooms, which allows you to create comfortable conditions for patients and hospital staff.